Hiawatha 16 finished

After 40 hours of work from printing out the plans to the first test drive the canoe Hiawatha 16 is finished and it performs well.

Unlike the recomendation in the plan I did use fiberglass tape for the seams, but instead I completely covered the hull with 280g/sqm woven fiberglass fabric inside and outside, both overlapping at the bottom. The result is a very solid boat, which weighs 92lb and is a little heavier than expected, but I am still able to lift it onto the car top by myself.. Because of the additional fiberglass the use of 4mm plywood instead of 6mm would have been sufficient.

In both bows are watertight compartments for storage and floatation. It is pretty hard to sand and fair the inside of these fine bows, so the compartments are also hiding small imperfections.

The seats made of woven belts are installed asymmetrically, so one can sit a little more to the center of the boat when driving with just one person.


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