Plan Hiawatha 16

Plan Stitch-And-Glue canoe: the canoe Hiawatha 16 is a design by and is built with the Stitch And Glue Method. The plan cost 30$ and is available as a downloadable PDF, it contains both imperial and metric dimensions. The canoe is 16ft long and carries two to three persons. Two smaller versions of 12ft and 14ft are also available. The boat is well suited as a first-time-builders project. The hull is symmetrical with a flat bottom and is made of five plywood panels.

The plan for the Stitch-And-Glue canoe contains 13 pages including 5 pages of drawings and is very simple and  comprehensive. The drawings include all important dimensions. Unfortunately the plan is lacking a hint to mark and cut plywood for the rubrails in time. In the nesting plan is sufficient material to cut them parallel to the sheer line when cutting all the other hull parts. This is way easier than taking templates from the hull later.





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